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    Offering a scholarship can bring benefits to both the student and the sponsor, helping to build long-lasting relationships through èƵ

    Why offer a scholarship?

    The world needs new talent, and when you offer a scholarship you are helping to nurture the future of individuals, the sector, the wider world and your own business. You could choose to offer scholarship in two ways:

    • a cash scholarship (for example covering or making a contribution towards tuition fees)
    • both a cash scholarship and a placement year

    You benefit

    Here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from offering a scholarship:

    • A huge pool of talent from which to recruit your growing workforce.
    • Closer ties to the leading university in the sector.
    • Raise your profile amongst talented students and their family and friends.
    • Satisfy your corporate responsibility.
    • Let your clients know your company cares about the education and training of the next generation.
    • Promote your business to the wider academic community and forums
    • Key account management with annual progress reviews, helping to establish a relationship with your scholar.

    Offering a scholarship with a placement gives the additonal benefits of:

    • Attendance of the Scholarship Fair ahead of the main Careers and Placement Fair, giving you 'first access' of placement student(s), and also the chance to network with future talent.
    • Enjoy students' up to date knowledge and fresh ideas.
    • During the placement year companies get to know and train their chosen student - it's a bit like an extended interview.
    • Following placement, a number of companies also offer scholars a job after they graduate, as, through their year in industry, they have gained the confidence to get stuck in from day one.

    Students benefit

    • Financial support.
    • Increased confidence.
    • The chance to learn and earn in the real world.
    • Exploring the field they want to work in.
    • Learning from their colleagues.
    • Developing vocational skills.
    • Relating their work experiences to their studies.
    • Preparing them for graduate employment.

    We support you

    Our Development Trust is here to support our valued scholarship providers every step of the way. To find out how you can help our students while benefiting your business get in touch for a chat.


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