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    Our Community

    At the heart of èƵ there has always been a community of learners who are motivated by and committed to the specialist subjects and disciplines we teach. The subjects we offer and the modes of study that our students follow has continued to evolve, but the interest and passion of our students for these specialisms remains undiminished.

    èƵ has a employee community of academics, technical and professional services staff, united by the common goal of improving farming, food production, animal wellbeing, and planetary sustainability across the UK and the wider world, and delivering an outstanding student experience.  To achieve our goals, we need to be an employer of choice which is able to recruit and retain staff who are skilled and passionate about the work we do.   

    Our alumni occupy positions of influence, care deeply about the University, and want to support its success. This is demonstrated in part through the number of alumni who offer placements to our students through their organisations, and increasingly offer scholarships and bursaries to support them. We need to do more to keep alumni connected to our community, whether through CPD and further learning or enlist further support and advice for the many challenges we and our partners face.  We will reinvigorate our connections to the èƵ Adams Club and our in-country international alumni groups as a key part of building new connections with our alumni.

    Our activities have been predominantly located on or connected to our campus in Shropshire where we are a part of a wider community which is integral to our impact and success. We are critical to the identity, prosperity and well-being of our local area and we have to further develop our role and identity as a civic-oriented university.  We must do more to reduce the invisible boundaries around our campus and engage with the people and organisations of Newport, Telford, Shropshire and the wider West Midlands to identify areas of common interest and achieve goals of mutual benefit.  We must demonstrate the ability of our campus to be a destination for events and opportunities for engagement and community impact. We must also be willing to take our education , research and impact activities away from the campus to broaden and deepen our community engagement and impact. 

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