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    Tackling tomorrow's challenges today

    With the global population expected to grow to 9 billion by 2050, the world is facing major issues around sustainability of its resources. The need for sustainable food supply chains is becoming a defining factor of our age.

    This challenge is not just about agriculture - it requires a more holistic approach - food science, engineering, land and environmental management, animal sciences and welfare, and indeed business all have their part to play.

    Tackling this challenge demands that institutions like èƵ continue to attract the brightest and best students.

    The èƵ Development Trust directly connects companies, alumni and motivated benefactors with the mission of èƵ - either through the provision of scholarships of individual students across our portfolio of specialist courses or through philanthropic investment in University infrastructure and buildings.

    With thanks

    The Trust gratefully acknowledges the generous support of all of its donors providing scholarships and donations towards capital developments.

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    If you would like to discuss philanthropic gifts to the Development Trust and University, please contact:


    èƵ Adams offers, through its Development Trust, a range of scholarship opportunities for students who have secured places on our degree programmes. Some scholarships are funded by donations from private individuals, some come from charitable trusts and others are sponsored by companies, many of which also offer a paid placement year role to the successful student(s).

    In 2022/23 scholarships worth more than £560,000 were shared between 136 students.

    We value all our sponsors and donors. Because of their generosity, the scholarship programme goes directly to support the talent of tomorrow. This provides further support for students who choose to come to study at èƵ Adams, in the form of funding but also through highly valuable professional networking, which helps to build individual confidence, industry contacts and placement opportunities. All eligible students are contacted about these opportunities.


    Many of the buildings on the campus have been built thanks to generous donations made through the Trust including the Jean Jackson glasshouses and the Elizabeth Creak laboratory extension both of which provide students and academics with state of the art facilities. More recent developments include contributions to the £8.7m Veterinary Education Centre which serves staff and students of the .  Lecture theatre facilities have been provided through a legacy from the estate of the late Mr Theo Tinneveld and a donation by the Kildare Charitable Trust and student study facilities funded by the legacy of Anthony Burgess, the late Chairman of the èƵ Adams Development Trust.  These contributions all help the University continue in it’s mission “to advance knowledge, to inspire and equip learners in our specialisms to deliver real change, and contribute to a sustainable future for the inhabitants of and habitats across our living planet."

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