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Testimonies of dedication, passion and expectations

-Tanesha Newby Principal, East Arbor Charter Academy

Turn The Page Educational Consultants did a phenomenal job assisting my teachers on how to incorporate movement inside of the classroom. The techniques were simple, impactful and the staff was able to implement the strategies the next day. The team created an atmosphere of both learning and fun. This training was inclusive of all students no matter the age, grade or ability. We gained a clear understanding of how movement helps to stimulate the brain and reduce problem behaviors. This training is something we will utilize for years to come.

-Kelie Fuller Principal, Canton Charter Academy

My staff and I were delighted to have Turn The Page Educational Consultants work with us during our PD Week. The workshop "Engaging Student Learning Through Movement in the Classroom" helped to provide teachers with creative and innovative ideas., geared towards helping us support the varied needs of  learners, particularly those with special needs. By incorporating more movement and being cognizant of students' physical needs, we learned to decrease negative student behaviors. Turn The Page Educational Consultants shared a host of strategies and resources that teachers could implement immediately!

-Former Student Allante' Bridges (2003) YMCA Service Learning Academy Detroit, M

Having the opportunity to have Mrs. Adams as one of my teachers made me want to learn and be engaged during all her lessons. Her ability to relate and understand  student's experiences are what makes her teachings so memorable. She was committed to not only delivering the material but executing it in a way that kept students totally engaged from beginning to end.  I was able to retain so much information from her class. I always looked forward to going to Mrs. Adams class knowing I was for sure going to learn something, but also knowing I would be made to think and be pushed beyond measures to excel into my own excellence. Having a teacher committed to not only seeing you do well but also giving you the tools and the skills so that you can excel beyond measures and reach your greatness is what Mrs. Adams added to my educational experience and I am forever grateful for that.

-Former Student John Lott (2005) YMCA Service Learning Academy Detroit,MI

Mrs. Adams was my 6th grade history teacher at the Detroit Service Learning Academy. I first approached her class with the cocky attitude that allowed me to cruise through several years of schools with a high GPA. However, the first parent teacher conference of the semester was a huge wake up call. When I received my progress report, I was shocked that Mrs. Adams had given me an unsatisfactory grade. I began applying more effort immediately. As I have grown older I realized nothing is given to you without work, not only did she teach me valuable knowledge regarding education, she also taught me and other students it is unacceptable to fail. She set expectations high for all her students. These expectations became life long lessons that help me to always do my absolute best in the classroom during my education tenure as well as in my every day life.

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