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Teacher Workshop

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Our belief is to develop authentic partnerships that sustain positive student educational progress. There are so many platforms in which teachers and administrators can access tools to build their quiver. However, our skills and trainings have become major assets to helping build and foster long lasting relationships with other educators in and outside of the education field. Having a growth mindset is the foundation to stop thinking of what it is, to the possibilities of how it could be. The owner of TPEC has taught grades from Kindergarten to High School, these interactions involved working with all types of students from general education to special education. When you have proven results that focus on areas of growth for both students and teachers this creates a can do attitude. Through her work she has been able to help raise students' benchmark and state test scores by 3-6%. This range took students out of non proficient to proficient in areas of growth. There are those that believe this growth is small and are looking for double digit growth, however time has taught us that anything worth doing, we want to do it well and make it sustainable. The room for double digit growth happens as the systematic process is being implemented.  A sustainable implementation or programs is 3-5 years. This systematic process is always fluid and flexible when teachers are included.

Measuring a systematic process implementation is determined by a set criteria. This criteria should be reviewed according to a specified timeline. The data should provide a clear direction in which all strategies and activities should be geared towards. Evidence from the data will determine if the systematic process implementation needs course correction. TPEC understands data is used to drive all educationally decisions. This is why TPEC would be the best choice as a consultant for professional development, one on one resource support for students and a collaborative community partner with teachers, parents and administrators.It is also important to offer teachers reflection time, especially during and through the COVID pandemic. Time for teachers to heal, reflect, transform, renew and be refilled. TPEC would also hope to obtain a SES contract so that low income students are able to be serviced under the programs initiatives. Having an opportunity to partner with other facilities that provide services to the community would also be an endeavor TPEC would like to be a part of.

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